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Some informations in english about me: I am a married woman and i am a transsexual woman (in english is "transgender" often used, but this word says nothing about the medical needs and in germany we use the word transsexual for people, needing medical support: HRT / surgery...) and work in the lutheran protestant church of bavaria. #

We support Transgender in other countries and want to reduce hate-crimes. For this aim we founded a congregation called Kreuzweise-Miteinander. This organisation published some translations of informations about Transgender. You find these translations here: https://www.wo4y.de/2022/07/09/uebersetzungen-translations-tlumaczenie-traducao/

2016 was a Neuroscience - theology congress/conference about transsexuality - read more in english here... - i offered two workshops "Seelsorge" there (more in german language here). There will be a scientific book about this conference in english and german language. You can read more about this book in my blog here.

The book about the conference is now commercially available.

What is "Transsexuality" (TS)?

Please inform you about this question at the english conference-website here!

  • Find here a youtube video of Prof. Dr. Joan Roughgarden from the conference Feb. 2016. The Comment to the video: "A 42 minute presentation by Dr. Joan Roughgarden entitled The Gender Binary In Nature, Across Cultures and in the Bible, given to the International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Transsexuality held at The Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in Germany on February 6, 2016. The conference was organized by Dr. Gerhard Schreiber of Goethe University and the session was chaired by Dr. Yiftach Fehige of the University of Toronto. Dr. Fehige offers the introduction and concluding comments."

    Scientists define TS as a inborn variation of the "brain sex". This means, that in the brain is a knowlegde, wether you are a woman or a male or something between. V.S. Ramachandran did publish something remarkable - and was guest in a interview: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/transsexuals-and-the-phantom-penis/3395548#transcript
    There are many more neuro-scientists, bringing a new sight, what transsexuality is - not a "decision", but a discrepancy between brain sex and genitals/hormons.
    Conclusion: Christians should read Ramachandran and other scientists and should ask themselves like Apostel Paul said in 1 Thess 5,21: what is "the good"?
    I think, that if someone accepts medical knowledge about the human beeing, it is not possible to argue with Genesis 1 against transsexual human beeings - because the writer of Genesis 1 does not know something about Ramachandran and other neuro-scientists and about their studies about brain sex.
    Conservative Christians shoud read this article in the "Huffington post" about the christian mother Kimberly Shappley and her daughter.

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