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koreanische Informationen über Diversity

Die deutsche Botschaft von Südkorea fragte mich an wegen eines Flyers. Man kann den Flyer in koreanischer Sprache im Anhang downloaden.

The german embassy of south-korea did ask because of an information about LGBT. See more in attachment (in korean language)

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Landshut - Links


international congress

Transsexuality: Exploring a Challenge for Society at the Intersection of Theology and Neuroscience

The conference languages are German and English, with simultaneous interpretation for each.

The conference will begin at 1 PM on Thursday, February 4, 2016, and is expected to end at 6 PM on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

Goethe University Frankfurt a.M., Germany
Link to the conference website at the university:

Introduction from Dr. G. Schreiber (quote):

"For centuries, transsexuality was regarded as a severe mental disorder. It was assumed that being personally convinced that one belongs to a gender different from the one determined by one’s genitals was a form of derangement or the like. It was believed that one’s “true” sex is displayed accurately and unambiguously by the genitals.

During the past twenty years, however, science has ushered in a new era of efforts to better understand transgender people. Thanks to the insights of neuroscience and bioscience research, transsexuality is now regarded as innate, with its biological basis in the brain (in Milton Diamond’s words, “The most important sex organ is not between one's legs, but between one's ears”): the brain is the basis of one’s gender consciousness—and of one’s gender. Transgender people possess, therefore, a deep inner knowledge of having a gender that was not assigned to them at birth, but withheld from them instead. In such cases, the genitals are in a sense sexually “discrepant” to the brain. Today, the fact that those affected by such a discrepancy feel a strong desire to have their body and way of life approximate their actual gender is regarded as natural and non-pathological.

So far, however, this new scientific paradigm has left theology and the Church largely unimpressed. For this reason, a thorough and specifically systematic- and practical-theological reflection on transsexuality, with the aim of changing our way of dealing with transgender people, is an urgent desideratum. The central aim of this conference is to prompt an open and unprejudiced dialogue between theology and neuroscience/bioscience on the process of gender identity formation within the transsexuality paradigm.

In its topic and the range of disciplines involved, this conference is a novelty. It presents a platform for intra- and interdisciplinary exchange about an ongoing social challenge of the highest order. (gs)"

More in english here:

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Some informations in english about me: I am a married woman and i am a transsexual woman (in english is "transgender" often used, but this word says nothing about the medical needs and in germany we use the word transsexual for people, needing medical support: HRT / surgery...) and work in the lutheran protestant church of bavaria.
2016 was a Neuroscience - theology congress about transsexuality - read more in english here... - i offered two workshops "Seelsorge" there (more in german language here). There will be a scientific book about this conference in english and german language. You can read more about this book in my blog here.

The book about the conference is now commercially available.

find more of my english articles here!

Find here a petition for better rights for transgender in germany:

YES, people from other nations could support us and vote! the signs will be counted with a notice of your country.


What is "Transsexuality" (TS)?

Please inform you about this question at the english conference-website here!#

  • Find here a youtube video of Prof. Dr. Joan Roughgarden from the conference Feb. 2016. The Comment to the video: "A 42 minute presentation by Dr. Joan Roughgarden entitled The Gender Binary In Nature, Across Cultures and in the Bible, given to the International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Transsexuality held at The Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in Germany on February 6, 2016. The conference was organized by Dr. Gerhard Schreiber of Goethe University and the session was chaired by Dr. Yiftach Fehige of the University of Toronto. Dr. Fehige offers the introduction and concluding comments."

    Scientists define TS as a inborn variation of the "brain sex". This means, that in the brain is a knowlegde, wether you are a woman or a male or something between. V.S. Ramachandran did publish something remarkable - and was guest in a interview:
    There are many more neuro-scientists, bringing a new sight, what transsexuality is - not a "decision", but a discrepancy between brain sex and genitals/hormons.
    Conclusion: Christians should read Ramachandran and other scientists and should ask themselves like Apostel Paul said in 1 Thess 5,21: what is "the good"?
    I think, that if someone accepts medical knowledge about the human beeing, it is not possible to argue with Genesis 1 against transsexual human beeings - because the writer of Genesis 1 does not know something about Ramachandran and other neuro-scientists and about their studies about brain sex.
    Conservative Christians shoud read this article in the "Huffington post" about the christian mother Kimberly Shappley and her daughter.



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